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About the inaugural workshop

Are you curious about the impact of Covid-19 on fintech and post-pandemic trends?

The workshop is designed by Burnmark for anyone in the banking, wealth management, fintech and insurance industries seeking to understand the impact of Covid-19 on fintech and the trends to expect in the medium term.

  19 January 2022


10am – 12.30 pm CET (GMT +1)


Participation fee: £200


Mode of delivery:  ZOOM

Who is this workshop for?

The workshop is suitable for anyone working in the banking, fintech, wealth management or insurance
industries interested in understanding more about fintech and the impact of Covid-19 on the fintech
industry. The insights presented are relevant for product management, partnership, digital
transformation, academic or investment roles. The focus of use cases/data is expected to be on European,
Middle East, North African and Asian markets.

Why attend?

To understand consumer behaviour change due to Covid-19 as evidenced in 2020 and 2021

To present the impact of Covid-19 on the global fintech segment across the payments, lending, robo-advisory, RegTech and challenger banking segments

To make sense of post-pandemic fintech trends and what to expect in 2021-2022

To understand use cases of traditional and digital banks’ response to the pandemic

How new areas of interest like ESG robo-advisory, digital KYC and QR code-based payments will affect upcoming trends

To understand new partnership and business models emerging in the industry

To understand how BigTechs like Facebook, Google and Amazon will impact fintech trends and partnership models

To learn about the technologies driving the change – from AI and machine learning to blockchain and data analytics


Devie is the co-founder of Burnmark, the global fintech
research company, that supplies fintech trends and market
data to banks and enterprises around the world, and is
considered a global top 10 fintech influencer.Devie is the
author of The Financial Services to Fintech and she holds
roles as a Braintrust member of Protocol magazine in the
US, Panel member of the Think Forward Initiative for better
financial decision making set up by ING Group, Executive
Steering Committee member of Linkedin’s research reports
and Editor of the Digital Banking Journal.She is also an
Associate Lecturer at Coventry University’s MSc Fintech
course and a tutor on Harvard University’s fintech short
programmes. She has worked for firms like Thomson
Reuters, IBM, Goldman Sachs and Ericsson.












            DEVIE MOHAN

Co-Founder and CEO


1.  We have market data from 85 countries on fintech
trends, startups and bank-fintech collaborat

3. We support the digital transformation journey by helping
convert data and existing use cases to practical, realistic
transformation and partnership plans

2. We have collected over 500 use cases from 2020-2021
that has helped us understand pandemic impact and
post-pandemic trends in an efficient and unique way

4. Sense of all data and use cases to derive practical and
geography-specific insights that will help drive your fintech
and digital product strategies.